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Large Purple Red Clematis COE 90

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Large Purple Red Clematis has a lovely drop/petal shape and includes hues of purple and red.

Murrini is handpulled COE 90 Bullseye glass, available in cane and slices.

Large Diameter is 8.5 -12 mm from bottom to top of petal.  As each pull is one of a kind, murrini may vary slightly from images above. To maintain murrini shape, we recommend not firing over 1345 - 1365 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is an Ounce? 

Cane 1 oz: 4 pieces of cane per ounce, each approximately 2.25" - 2.5" in length from various areas of the pull for variety.
Slices 1 oz Approximately 50-60, 2-5mm slices (depending upon diameter). An entire pot is chopped, mixed up for variety.

Variations in screen displays may cause the color to look different than originally photographed.

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